The Kaleidoscope Dress. A great alternative wedding dress..x

A fabulous review! Even though it was sent a year later!… it proved an investment piece really works.

Thank you Sarah for this, and for letting us ‘share away!’xx

The dress in the photos is a bespoke version of the Kaleidoscope dress. Sarah chose pure silk in Kingfisher. We lowered the neckline slightly to flatter more, made to measure and made sure it was demure but short enough to show off her great legs!

Sarah Sutton smiley Sarah Sutton wedding

Sarah Sutton
Jan 8th, 1:21pm
hello all, I know this is a very long over due note, but it’s always on my mind and I suppose it is better late than never. I just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone at Susannah who helped me out in October 2013. 2 weeks before I was due to get married I had a diva meltdown and decided that I hated the dress I originally planned to get married in. The ladies at the shop were incredible, not only putting me at ease but also turning around a made to measure copy of the Kaleidoscope dress from start to finish in 5 working days. I love my dress … and because its not a traditional wedding dress I get to wear it as often as I want. THANK YOU AGAIN XXX

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