Suzi Perry presents fashion for the BBC at Ascot in Suzannah..x

Suzi Perry looking fabulously chic in the Suzannah Hudson dress at Ascot this week when she presented Royal Ascot in two fabulous dresses from our collection. The sharp Oyster cocktail dress was worn with chic tonal complimentary hat by royal milliner Rachel Trevor-Morgans.

We were also very proud that Suzi was also presenting the Ascot fashion again this Saturday 23/6/12 in our Seriously Me Chinoiserie Print Shift Dress. A true modern 1940’s vibe was achieved with fabulous millinery by Jayne Taylor. The chic printed silk shift is a signature silhouette for the Suzannah collection. It is lightly structured and beautifully tailored with a wonderful picture frame neckline constructed from a 1950’s ballgown. The honey coloured rose and fruit print was inspired by textile designer Edith Buxton. She painted the original in the 1950s. So, a beautiful piece with a wonderful British heritage and made in London too!

Styled to perfection Saturday 6th 2012.

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