Couture Shows and 1950s Retro Blue…x

I must comment on the Spring Summer 12 Couture Shows.

This season my eyes were aghast at Valentino. I am normally the biggest Dior fan, but of course this season it was to take a different spirit. Valentino has literally taken me a back though. A breath of freshness, a lightness and the wonderful, charming and divine romantic spirit, yet delivered with a relaxed strength. Sheer beauty. Delicate soft lines, intricate detailing, a soft chalky sensitive palette of wonderful french pastels, from Vanilla to Rose. Organdies and sheer silks replaced the more usual stiffer Double Duchesse Silks and Gazars and the expected depth of sheen was brought about by chintz jacquard and moires. Again a very french country undertone. The prints where soft and delicate and considered. Beautiful sprig florals. Simply charming.  The most feminine and delicate couture collection I have ever seen. An inspiration of course, and a confirmation for experimenting with coloured pastels and opting for dryer, more matt surface textures and reverting to intricate sensitive detailing.
On the flipside was Chanel . Strong, clean and statement. A definite retro under current with strong elegance. My eyes leapt out when the  show revealed our favourite tone of blue for this spring summer season. The perfect fifties retro blue. So fabulous to see this wonderfully energetic colour in chic formal clothing, and especially exciting in couture. Executed to perfection to keep a modern spirit and retro attitude with strong, simple perfect proportion.

Our dresses: the retro one shoulder tulip, and the Joanie shift are our take on 1950’s blue. Our Jubilee inspired pieces in fact. We dyed  matt cotton lace to exactly match a 1950s blouse which I have had for a few years now, and never known quite what to do with!.. I found its new moment.

So on that note they definitely need topping with the finest saucer shaped millinery from Gina Foster’s Jubilee collection. The oh so fabulously 1950s inspired piece below is called Alnatt and will be available to order in a couple of weeks.

Just needing a chic pair of smart driving gloves I feel!

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