Perfect cocktail party dress with a hint of retro nostaligia…x

How to be dressed from head to hem in vintage nostalgia…
Feeling in need of a fabulous fun party dress that will lift your mood and appetite for naughty, almost childlike fun…

I’m loving the combination of simple silhouettes with wonderful complementing textures this season.

The perfect collar cocktail dress has a fabulous quilted quirky peter pan collar, in silk twill

the body and skirt are tailored from silk gazar, and then simply and elegantly trimmed with a black waist ribbon.  Fun, cute as a button, flirty and playful with side pockets and a magical rounded silhouette to the skirt part. The inspiration and love for this dress most obviously and definitely comes from my love of vintage Chanel.

Teamed with a vintage fur stole or neat fur cardi..

and topped with the fabulous and magical gold sequin pill box and must have platforms from Miu Miu! to die for…. what to put on those fine pins?

opt for Flake micro mesh fish nets if you want to be bare legged but still covered in some way or an easy smooth opaques…x

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