Suzannah Yellow Couture One Shoulder cover of Fabric west london magazine…x

The silhouette of this dress is coming into its own.  So flattering with its wonderful couture structure and make .Flattering, slightly understated even in the fabulous retro yellow.

Somehow it is still not bling ,..just strong

The cover of Fabric looks great,…simple styled without its belt.

A good appropriate dress for an event. Will last through the seasons as can carry tights and stronger statement shoes too.

Our new versions of this dress are the flame lace one shoulder and of course the wonderful bridal Marvelette dress which is an even more indulgent take on this dress with the lace being all-over embroidered and totally lined in silk too

The lace adds a certain vintage charm whilst the slick lines and form of the silhouette keeps the lace from looking too sweet…x


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