The Sartorialist

I am probably one of The Sartorialist’s biggest fans.

Having spent three of the most recent years of my career trend spotting for high street brands and luxury


fabric mills, I have used this as one of my bibles. As I know do so many others in the industry.

Such a simple tool to capture so well the chicest street style and small moments of natural chic from

the worlds fashion capitals.

The menswear is as significant to me as the womens.

I love the proportions, and the character and the theatre

brought about by personal styling. Some people, so unaware of just how ‘perfect’ they are looking, and how beautiful an

image they have created for others to appreciate.

I spied a coat of mine on there, worn by a lady whom I’ve never met, but who owns the family business Imarika

which is a beautiful fashion store in Milan. She has worn it with effortless style, and has attracted nearly 200 comments for this Sartorialist entry.

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